Automatic swing doors and power assisted doors to EN16005 and DDA in West yorkshire
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Automatic swing doors

Record DFA127 swing operator

Automatic swing door operator fitted to grey aluminium doors We believe we have put together the best combination of equipment for both low energy power assisted and fully automatic swing door systems ensuring all our installations comply with the latest EN16005 (recently updated from BS7036). Opening Systems only fit the very best swing door operator - the Record DFA-127, and together with Record RC Swing monitored door edge safety sensors, you can be sure of a safe door system. As well as being an excellent solution for a disabled access door, the low 3 postion key swtich for automatic doorenergy unit can be fit to almost any existing door frame, to create an instant automatic door solution without costly framework packages. The surface mounted swing unit is of very smart design and comes in a polished stainless steel finish which can be powder coated to almost any colour. We fit the door as standard with either a 3 or 4 position key switch allowing users to switch between 'off', 'exit only', '2 way traffic' and hold open. Unlike other operators on the market, the Record DFA127 is capable of running the door in the hold open position indefinitely.

The operator has outputs for various locking methods to allow the door to be added to an existing access control system with ease. The controls are easy to use to ensure the whole installation is user friendly. We offer a full consultation service with end users and contractors for full customer satisfaction. Automatic swing door operators can be fit to almost all door constructions such as wood, thermally broken and non thermally broken aluminium doors, AP glass package, etc.

Door edge safety sensor

Hotron door edge safety sensor for automatic swing doorsTo ensure your safety at all times, we fit the Record RC Swing fully monitored door edge safety sensors to comply with the latest EN16005 regulations. This ensures the door doesn't make contact with a pedestrian in the following way:

If the door is moving toward you in the opening cycle, the door stops before reaching you; if the door is moving toward you in the closing cycle, the door will re-activate before it reaches you.

Fully automatic swing doors with sensors

HR50 fully automatic swing door sensorOur fully automatic swing doors include full door edge safety sensors (as above) and BEA Artek activation sensors. The BEA Artek sensor is a uni-directional sensor which means it can ignore pedestrians moving away from the sensor. This means the door will only activate when a pedestrian is moving toward the automatic door. Being able to eliminate cross traffic as well as pedestrians walking away from the door has the benefit of less cycles, meaning the door is closed for longer keeping valuable heat in the building during colder weather.

Low energy power assisted swing doors - DDA compliant

Automatic door touch pad for power assisted dda compliant doorsA low energy / power assisted door puts out lower energy values to enable automatic swing door installation to buildings with vulnerable users. As well as including door edge safety sensors, the door limits the force through software to ensure that if the door does manage to collide with a pedestrian, the energy involved is so low that it would not incur injury to even the most vulnerable user such as small children, elderly and disabled users. We use touch sensitive, vandal resistant touch pads. Our touch pads come with an acrylic front with anti bacterial coating to help prevent the spread of virus and bacteria. Power assisted doors and low energy swing doors are ideal for schools, nursing homes, office blocks, shops and hospitals and government buildings ensuring compliance with the latest DDA guidelines. We have noticed an increased volume of power assisted and automatic doors being fitted to doctors surgeries and post offices in recent months.