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Electric window vent actuators

window vent actuaator Electric window vents are an ideal solution for temperature control and allowing natural ventilation into a building, mainly used at high level where conventional handles are out of reach.

Window actuators are perfect in Schools, hotels, doctors surgeries, factories, offices and even domestic conservatories. Window actuators can be wired to work with remote fob systems, switches and even weather stations.

Temperature control

weather station for window vents

When the actuators are combined with weather stations and thermostats placed within the building, the windows can be programmed to open during hot weather and close at a pre-determined temperature. The weather stations can also include rain and wind sensors which, when activated can be programmed to close the window. We use a wide range of window opening devices and can be used for top and bottom hung windows as well as pitched roof vents. Our standard range silver, white and black as standard, but can be powder coated to match your existing windows if required. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.